A New Year— and your new EarthCycles calendar

The 2024 EarthCycles Calendar is ready! Free download for subsbribers this week. Print version is also now up for sale.

A New Year— and your new EarthCycles calendar
Detail from the 2024 EarthCycles Calendar

Happy New Year!

And thank you for your subscription to Earthen over the past year. In what is now becoming a tradition for Earthen subscribers, I am excited to announce that your 2024 EarthCycles calendar is ready. In appreciation for being a subscriber, you have free access this week to the new 2024 calendar. You can access and download the high-resolution print version here and make your own print for the new year.

The EarthCycles calendar has been a side project of mine for over a decade. Little by little, I've been working on an alternative to the linear, one dimensional square calendars that we know all too well. I am convinced that there's a direct correlation between our modern lack of ecological integration and our modern perception and experience of time (more on that in another post!).

The 2024 EarthCycles calendar has been completely re-built this year to allow for leap years (heads up: there's a February 29th coming up!). The calendar features the cycles of the planets, moon and five migrations as well as annotations for this year's astronomical events.

Again, as a subscriber you have free, complimentary access to download the high resolution PDF of the calendar and print for yourself.

Of course, the official print version is also available!

You can purchase a 70x50cm art print here for 20$ + shipping on the GoBrik store:

Now, just imagine that in addition to a static print that hangs on your wall there was a dynamic and animated version that dynamically adapted to a any date to show you the positions of the planets, whales on their migration, the phase of the moon, Venus and Mars... all in real time!

Stay tuned. Also, more on that in a subsequent post. 😀

Meanwhile, may your 2024 spin around the Sun be filled with light and love,


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