About Earthen

About Earthen

Earthen emerged out the land of the Igorot people and has evolved with the global plastic transition movement

Seeing their river become the recipient of used bags, discarded diapers, broken sandals, styrofoam and other poisonous plastics of all kinds, the Igorot people of the Northern Philippines rose up, joined together and found a solution.

Guided by their ancient ayyew ecological ethos, trapping and packing plastic to make ecobricks emerged as a simple and powerful solution. By word of mouth, the solution spread spread from their remote mountainous villages, to towns and cities. What was to become known as 'ecobricks' steadily spread throughout South East Asia to join parallel movements in Latin America and South Africa. Over the last decade, tens of millions have been inspired to follow the Igorot's example and take the problem of plastic into one's own hands.

Out of the success of this non-capital, collaboration -powered phenomenon the Global Ecobrick Alliance was founded, Ecobricks.org established and the 'Earthen Ecobricks' email newsletter was created to keep ecobrickers connected and informed.

Ten years on, the Earthen newsletter has evolved into Earthen.io

Today, Earthen.io remains guided and inspired by the struggle to solve plastic: how exactly can ecobricks (or any technology for that matter) provide true ecological service?

Challenged by this question and guided by the ayyew ecological ethos of her people, Banayan Angway and Russell Maier, co-founders of the GEA, have developed a theory of green known as Earthen ethics.

Join as on Earthen.io as Earthen ethics provide a dazzling diamond-sharp blade to cut through the clutter to what green really means.

From exciting plastic transformation breakthroughs to planetary philosophy; from indigenous wisdom to corporate critique, from single ecobricks to ecobrick constructions; buckle in for the ride! We'll take a look at exciting regenerative projects around the world. And we'll take a critical eye to those that claim to be. After all, as we all know too well, not everything that glimmers is gold.

Likewise, not everything that's got chlorophyll gets our green light.

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Ecobrick Powered Plastic Transition
Ecobricks prevent plastic from becoming trash, waste, recycling, incineration or pollution. Eco bricks enable non-capital, zero-waste, net-zero, plastic sequestration.
Manage your ecobricks, projects and plastic transition. By putting our plastic to good use, together we can build our greenest visions.

Manage your ecobricks and offset your plastic.

Tractatus Ayyew - An Earthen Ethics
By Banayan Angway & Russell Maier | Earthbook Edition.

Go straight to the philosophy and read the theory of Earthen Ethics.

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Sync your life with Earth’s cycles.

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