Ecological Impact Accounting

Ecological Impact Accounting
Biodiversity accounting and disclosure is part of our regenerative reporting.

Earthen, through the Global Ecobrick Alliance, tracks and discloses all our plastic, carbon and biodiversity impacts yearly. By disclosing these impacts publicly and by ensuring that the overall enterprise is net-green, we express our commitment to for-Earth enterprise. The full accounting and disclosure of our ecological impacts is tracked and published in a yearly Regenerativity Report for the previous year.

2023 GEA Earth Enterprise Regen Report.pdf
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2022 Tractatus Ayyew Regen Report.pdf
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New reports are issued at the end of each year.

To track our biodiversity impacts, our GEA bases maintain life-list and space-accounting on Russell's personal web site.  This data is then compiled into our full regenerativity reports.  View an example life-list by one of the GEA founders:

Our Home Life List
Our household survey of our space’s support of life and biodiversity.

Our sites are designed from the ground up to fast loading and light with built in carbon impact monitoring.

Click through to see a full and live breakdown of our 2021 ecological impacts on the
Click through to see our current enterprise regen report