My Ecological Impact Accounting
Biodiversity tracked and disclosed in my home space.

My Ecological Impact Accounting

Updated January 4th, 2022 for the publishing of the past year's accounting.

2021 R&A Household Regen Report.pdf
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Our Household Regenerativity Report

Over the last year of running various enterprises from my home-base in Gianyar, Indonesia (in particular and the writing of Tractatus Ayyew), I have been tracking the ecological impacts of it all.  My full household Regen Report is published (link above). Below you can find an overview of my carbon, plastic and biodiversity impacts.



Over the course of the year we generated 15.2Kg of plastic (25% of the Indonesian per capita average). When ecobricking and offseting is calculated, our household subtracted 204.3kgs of plastic over 2021; removing 1943% more plastic than we generated.  

To track my impacts I make use of the GEA Catalyst Account for both live tracking and yearly third party disclosure. The data is then compiled in my full 2021 Regeneratively Report.

2021 Plastic Transition Report |
The public disclosure of our enterprise’s 2021 Plastic Impacts and Transition.


Over 2021 our household space decreased from 71% human-only to 51% human-only (49% wild/open space).  Our count of species in the space increased from 26 to 36.

To track my biodiversity impacts, my household maintains a life-list and space-accounting.  It is maintained on my personal web site.  This data is then compiled into our full 2021 Regenerativity Report.  You can view our life list here:

Our Home Life List
Our household survey of our space’s support of life and biodiversity.


Over 2021 our carbon impact before offsetting was 64% of the per capita Indonesian average.  After offsetting our impact subtracted 105kg of carbon from the biosphere.  

To track my carbon impacts, I use the coefficients and template provided by the GEA Catalyst program.  This data is fully compiled and calculated in our full 2021 Regenerativity Report.

2022 Ongoing Tracking

For 2022 I continue to use the GEA Catalyst Program to track, compile and disclose our ongoing enterprise ecological impacts.  You can do the same!  An account is free:

Enterprise Catalyst Program |
For keen green enterprises to track, disclose & accelerate their plastic transition.

Previous Years

2020 Impact Report

2020 R&A Household Regen Report.pdf
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Click through to see a full and live breakdown of our 2021 ecological impacts on the
Click through to see our current enterprise regen report
Click through to see our current enterprise regen report