Earthen Privacy Policy

Earthen Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. In fact, its one of the guiding principles of why we've setup our site and services on our own server and database to avoid the big corporate platforms!

Our Terms of Service

Here's how we manage your data:

No Sharing or Selling

We will never sell or share your email or contact information. Ever.

No Data mining

We don't extract any data from your sessions nor do we sell or share any access to it. Notice how we don't use any logins or like-buttons on Earthen that can do just this!

No Third-Party Ads

We'll never try to sell you a service or product that isn't ours!

"Wait... how do you pay your bills if your platform isn't mining my data, showing me ads?"
Our business model is based on providing ecological service. We track and disclose our own carbon, plastic and biodiversity impacts. We then sell our surplus to folks like you who are keen to be green. Check out our plastic offsetting GoBrik webapp.

Easy Unsubscribing

If you ever which to subscribe or delete your data you can easily do so. Sign in here to do so. Or use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all our emails.

What to Expect

We will be sending you emails! That's the point of subscribing to the Earthen site and newsletter. These emails will only be Earthen blogs, publications and announcements. We will not ever market or sell third-party products or services.


You can expect at the very most 2-3 emails a week. Mostly likely less the one a week as we get started.

Something Weird?

It is possible for others to hijack legit emails and uses them for marketing and spam. Please let us know immediately if you receive any such emails from the domain.

That's it.

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