Book One Launched: Tractatus Ayyew - An Earthen Ethics

Happy Holidays dear Earthen subscribers!

As the new year approaches I want to share my grattitude for your subscription and support over the last year.  And... I want to share some great news!

At long last, the first book of the Tractatus Ayyew is published!

Over the last few months, Banayan and I have been polishing off the first seven chapters of the Tractatus Ayyew.  It is the culmination of a decade of dialogue and  three years of focused work.  These chapters (early versions of which you received as Earthen newsletters) comprise the first book of our three part treatise.  In this Book One we lay out the scientific and philosophical foundation for our theory of Earthen ethics.

I am very excited to let Earthen subscribers be the first to know that the eBook PDF and kindle versions are now published and available for sale!

The ebook can now be purchased on the GoBrik store in both brikcoins (50ß) and cash (10$)...

The Tractatus Ayyew - An Earthen Ethics

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To get first access to the Earthbook edition as well as the PDF, Kindle and Epub editions you may also upgrade to a paid subscription:

Stay posted... in the pipe for this year is the release of the French and Indonesian translations, along with Book 2 in English. We're also hard a work on a whole new green book format that we'll be launching shortly.  Paid subscriptions will receive first and free access.

Thank you once again for all your support this past year. 🙏

In the new year, I look forward to publishing timely articles and essays here on that cut through the clutter and the hype to what green should really mean.

To regeneration and beyond in 2023! 💚🌏


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