An Earthbook

An Earthbook

It's almost Earth Day!

Which makes it a most propitious moment to unveil our Earthbook.

Over the last three months, my colleagues and I have been finalizing the Earthbook edition of the Tractatus Ayyew. The work is now ready—just in time for the big day.

I am excited to share with subscribers first (that's you!) the release of the Tractatus Ayyew Earthbook Edition!

What is an Earthbook?

Banayan and I believe that far more important than the words we write is the way in which we write them. As Marshall McLuhan put it: "the medium is the message."

That said, we've been fully focused on developing an Earthen ethics-resonant means of publishing our theory of Earthen ethics. This has literally meant developing a whole new book format from the ground up. Or rather, from Earth up.

Essentially, an Earthbook is a human- and Earth-friendly format that manifests the principles of Earthen ethics. The format works like a web-based app. Browser-based, it is directly and freely accessible to anyone anywhere with a phone or a computer and an internet connection.

The Earthbook architecture is developed from scratch using open and non-proprietary protocols (HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, Git, and MySQL) to present a human- and Earth-friendly book format. The code of the book is fully open source on GitHub so that anyone may fork it and create their own Earthbook. The content is freely shareable, easily citable, and readily purchased—all without any intermediary platforms (read: no big platforms or corporate middlemen).

Finally, the book's carbon and biodiversity impact is accounted for and disclosed annually and in real-time (as you will recall, sequestering carbon and supporting biodiversity are two of the fundamental parameters of Earth Ethics).

In this way, I am proud to say that the medium by which we are publishing the Tractatus Ayyew fully embodies the principles of the theory we have laid out.

As Earth Day arrives, I thank you for your patience and your subscription to

And I invite you to check out our Earthbook and flip through the chapters of the Tractatus Ayyew:

Tractatus Ayyew - An Earthen Ethics
By Banayan Angway & Russell Maier | Earthbook Edition.


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