We want to see your projects

Our ecobricks.org page now has a live feed of projects posted by ecobrickers. Please add yours.

We want to see your projects
Ecobrick; Beat the Plastics! is a silicone furniture project in Depok, Bogor, Indonesia.

Dear Trainers,

First, a big congratulations to our two new master trainers Rere and Indrawati! After almost three years of leading trainings of trainers around Indonesia and online on zoom, this month our center circle unanimous voted to upgrade their status to that of GEA Master Trainer.

Second, the Center Circle has made a big decision to transition from our use of our knack corporate database system (that is by far our biggest expense). Instead, we're committing to rebuild our own version of GoBrik from scratch. This will be a major undertaking! However, we'll regain full control of our data and have a lot more flexibility with our code. It will give us a chance to incorporate the lessons we've learned over the last five years and to re-examine the priorities for our apps– a process we want your involvement in.

Meanwhile, we need to keep paying the bill to keep GoBrik up so we could still really use your help with offsetting your plastic.


We need your ecobrick projects!

Project photo 4 | My ecobrick green garden bench
An earth and ecobrick garden bench project -Ubud, Bali

One of the most sought after content on our ecobricks.org website is examples of what people can do with ecobricks. And this makes sense: ecobricking isn't just about sequestering plastic, but putting the ecobricks to use to build great green things!

Like what? – (the first question we always get!)

Well, we now have a new function on our website that let's you post your projects.

The projects are posted into our independent database on ecobricks.org. This feature is part of our exit-strategy from our corporate database provider– and its part of our mission to inspire the world with what can be done when our plastic is given some love.

Check out these projects posted by our center circle:

From Fran...

Aerobics Stepper | 40 ecobricks
14 kg of plastic has been sequestered in Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom in a other project.

From Lucie...

Econ Ecobrick Sofa | 358 ecobricks
644 kg of plastic has been sequestered in Bristol, City of Bristol, West of England, England, United Kingdom in a furniture project.

From Russell...

O2E Architects Lamp | 4 ecobricks
1 kg of plastic has been sequestered in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Lesser Sunda Islands, 80571, Indonesia in a furniture project.

From Yuni...

Ecobrick; Beat the Plastics! | 465 ecobricks
59 kg plastik telah diamankan di Depok, Bogor, West Java, Java, Indonesia dalam kreasi furniture.

And more!

Our new Ecobricks.org landing page project feed

Our ecobricks.org page now has a live feed of projects posted by ecobrickers. At the moment, these are mainly old projects that our team has added to fill in the space. Now, we need your fresh and exciting projects to fill up the page! We'll then be able to showcase your projects to our tens of thousands of ecobrick subscribers in our next newsletter. It will also make it easy for our social media teams to grab great photos and share them with our followers.

Thank you! 🤩🙏

Russell, Ani, Lucie, Fran, Rere, Setiaji, Yuni, Aang
The GEA Center Circle

P.S. Stay tune... we've got two new Training of Trainers courses coming in June. It will run June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. 2pm UK time. An English ToT geared for folks in the Americas led by Lucie and Fran. And the next Indonesian ToT led by Ang, Rere and Indrawati will be at the end of June. More to follow!

Ecobrick 186294 | 978g of plastic sequestered by Annamaria Diah in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.
An authenticated ecobrick that was published and archived on the brikcoin manual blockchain on 2022-04-27 06:11:00
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